Meet The Lion

Extract from the Prologue of The Invisible Lion

Imagine you are walking along, minding your own business, when across the road you see a man running. He’s waving his arms wildly, screaming, turning this way and that, looking over his shoulder. He’s dishevelled. He seems feral, wild. He’s frightening. 

People get out of his way. They avoid him, crossing the road as they see him coming. You feel the urge to do the same because this guy makes you feel really uncomfortable. You tell yourself that he is crazy, that you are not like him. 

You are just about to look the other way when you see something. 

Around the corner bounds a lion. A fully-grown, roaring lion. And it’s running after the man. Suddenly you see the man differently. You understand that he is in danger. You want to help him. You are not alone. Other people also see the danger. They also want to help. 

No-one thinks the man is crazy anymore. They are no longer afraid of him. 

The man has not changed. He is still running wildly, terrified, blind with panic. Yet everything else has changed. His behaviour is exactly the same as before. His body is doing exactly what it was doing before. And somehow he has gone from crazy to normal, from being avoided to being helped.  

What if you are the same? What if everything you think is wrong with you is actually normal, but just belongs to a different context? What if you are not crazy, or difficult, or sick, but just can’t see the lion?

The man’s behaviour is normal. His body is working perfectly. His reaction and choices are sane. But without being able to see the lion, he becomes a problem to solve. 

You are reading this book because you are running away from a lion you can no longer see. 

Nobody’s crazy. People want to help.

They just can’t see the lion. 


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©2019 by Benjamin Fry