These are the resources mentioned in The Invisible Lion. They bring the book to life and to make it easier for you to put the exercises into practice.


A complete set of colour illustrations from The Invisible Lion for you to view online or to download as a printable document.


Watch this Video on YouTube of a gazelle being caught by a cheetah and how it reacts to being miraculously saved.


There are many Body Scan videos on YouTube. This one is only five minutes long but you may prefer to find a longer one.

28-Day Recovery Plan

Download and print a full-page, double-sided copy of the 28-Day Plan for more space for your daily exercises.

Buy The Workbook

You can buy the 28-Day Plan separately in a bound workbook with all the space you need for your daily exercises.

Buy the Flipchart

If you find the illustrations useful for teaching or clinical practice you can buy them spiral bound for easy display.


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